IBM Information Analyzer Essentials v 11.5

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In this course, you will learn how to use the IBM InfoSphere suite to analyze data and report results to business users. Information discovered during analysis will be used to construct data rules. This course will also explore techniques for delivering data analysis results to ETL developers and demonstrate how to develop more meaningful meta data to reflect data discovery results. An information analysis methodology and a case study will be used to guide exercises.


You should have:

  • Data modeling experience helpful
  • Familiarity with Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) and relational database access techniques



Information Analysis concepts

Information Server overview

Information Analyzer overview

Information Analyzer Setup

Column analysis

  • Concepts
  • Basic data profiling techniques in practice

Primary key analysis

  • Concepts
  • Basic data profiling techniques in practice

Foreign key and cross domain analysis

  • Concepts
  • Basic data profiling techniques in practice

Baseline analysis

Reporting and publishing

Extending the meta data using Information

  • Analyzer

Information Analyzer Data Rules and Metrics

Data quality assessment using QualityStage


  • Analyze data structures to determine agreement with documented metadata
  • Discover data anomalies
  • Identify invalid and incomplete data values
  • Determine potential primary keys to table structures
  • Add business meaning to data
  • Produce deliverables that can be used by business users and ETL developers
  • Configure Information Analyzer
  • Administer the Information Analyzer environment
  • Understand security considerations around data analysis
  • Understand the methodology supporting data analysis
  • Use Information Analyzer to analyze data content and structure
  • Use Information Analyzer to construct data rules and utilize IBM-supplied data rule templates

Target Audience

This basic course is for business data analysts who want to profile and assess data using Information Analyzer, also data quality analysts who need to measure data quality.

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