IMS Fundamentals

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Day(s): 3
Course Code: CM01G
GTC: 21


This course introduces the basic facilities of IMS Database and Data Communications.


Basic understanding of data processing including operating systems, access methods and job control language.


Please refer to course overview for description information.


Understand the major components of the IMS database systemUnderstand the processing of an IMS database recordMatch the DBD and PSB control blocksContrast the requirements and effects of sequential versus direct access to databasesUnderstand the reasons for use of secondary indexes and logical relationshipsCompare full function with fast path database organisationsUnderstand the basic functions of IMS data communicationsIdentify the roles of messages, queues and logical terminal namesDistinguish among the scheduling characteristics of the IMS/TM region types: Message Processing programs, Batch Message Processing programs, and Interactive Fast Path programsIdentify the major activities involved in recovery and restartUnderstand the impact of a conversational programDescribe the functions of additional IMS product features including DBRC, IRLM for data sharing, distributed processing and DBCTL for CICS.

Target Audience

Users who want a basic understanding of the IMS Database and Data Communications and data processing personnel who will be working with an IMS system.


Dates available on request. Please contact us.

Course description

Download a PDF document of the complete course description: IMS Fundamentals

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