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Virtual Classroom Learning

Virtual learning or classroom learning? You have the flexibility to 'select' your learning experience

V&C Select™ is a very simple concept, and is a flexible approach to delivery, where you can either attend the class in person or as a virtual delegate – the choice is yours!


V&C Select™ – the flexible classroom

This new approach provides an exciting new opportunity for attending courses where time, geographical location, cost of travel and accommodation or lack of ‘quality alternatives’ are prohibitive factors to people having access to effective training.

V&C Select™ is about delivering flexibility and choice as well as a quality experience and therefore total delegate class sizes will be the same as with a ‘classic’ instructor-led course.

If you are interested in attending a virtual learning course, please access our V&C Select™ schedule.

For more information call us on +353-1-814 8200 or email