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Community Learning Portal

Community Learningn Portal

Creating communities of learners and enabling best practice sharing

Knowledge is captured and shared across the organisation, making best practice (specific to the organisation) available and instantly accessible. This innovative new technology platform stimulates and transforms learning programmes into 'learning environments' through active facilitation, multimedia content and online collaboration.

Below we describe some of the ways our clients are using the portal to support learning within their organisation.

  • Social learning - Most people will tell you that they learn better in groups, that new knowledge sticks better when they have an opportunity to ask questions, to discuss the implications of what they have learned and to explain their thinking to others. The portal provides tools such as chat, blogs and discussion groups to facilitate social interaction to maximise opportunities for this additional, on-going learning to take place.
  • Learning Management - our clients are using the LMS functionality of the portal to provide access to additional content and learning resources that augment the more formal class and virtual-based training programmes. The portal provides a learning environment that is simple to understand and use which reduces the cost of delivering and management of learning and rapidly deploys targeted learning across widely distributed organisations.
  • Content hosting - the Community Learning Portal provides the functionality to develop, manage and distribute a wide range of electronic content.  It is a cloud based service providing global connectivity 24/7.

Well defined menus and curriculums provide quick access and user friendly workflows to:

  • Online Courses: - HTML / Flash / Video
  • Reference Material: -  PDF / Word / PPT
  • Online Assessments
  • Online Surveys

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