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Class-Connect™ HD


The premium learning solution for bringing classrooms of learners together

Providing quality instructor led experiences whilst reducing travel and subsistence costs are key focus areas at present whether the customer driver is time, cost or the green agenda!

This is particularly challenging in certain geographical regions or where the course is niche and the numbers requiring the course to run are limited. In these situations, without travel and associated expenses, customers are forced to look at expedient modalities such as e-learning or virtual deliveries, where they exist, to address an immediate requirement.

We all recognise that this isn’t always a premium experience or indeed a good environment for learning and hence we have invested time and resources in a new solution to create an interactive and high-quality classroom alternative – Class-Connect™ HD.

The enhanced experience is powered by ‘tried and tested’ technology and robust infrastructure between the classrooms – HD quality audio and video connect the classrooms over a high capacity managed network to ensure a ‘real time’ experience.

Combine this with instructors skilled in this modality, intelligent ‘smart’ white boards and full class participation and you have a unique and highly immersive experience.

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