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Private Company Training

Increase team efficiency in a private, coordinated skills development session at the location of your choice.

Whether your team attends in a virtual classroom on-site at your company, or wherever you like, team members will receive expert instruction and curriculum tailored to fit your training requirements.

Do you have more complex needs? Our learning architects can work with you to pinpoint your unique specifications and quickly create a targeted, customised solution that meets your budget and schedule.

Elements Private Company Training

  • Expert instructors
  • Interactive labs
  • Tailored curriculum
  • A single point of contact for seamless coordination and class delivery

Benefits Private Company Training

  • Minimise travel and increase efficiency
  • Ensure consistent, multiple-employee training, including new hires
  • Receive expert, tailored content where and when you need it: at your facility, virtually or at the location of your choice
  • Reduce initiative adoption risk
  • Enjoy savings, convenience and privacy
  • Better manage regulatory compliance initiatives
  • Strengthen teams with interactive exercises
  • Simplify complex project launches and integration of software migrations

Train a Distributed Team

Virtual Classroom Live

Coordinating skills development across a geographically dispersed workforce has never been easier. Our Virtual Classroom Live delivery format is designed to maximise your learning investment. Through our V&C Select and Class-Connect HD learning solutions, you can bring teams together to ensure consistency in skills and collaborative learning.

Elements Virtual Classroom Live

  • Expert instruction delivered from a location of your choice
  • Convenient local delivery while accommodating remote attendees
  • Reduced (or possibly no) travel costs for dispersed team members

For more information on how our services can make your next training initiative a success, please contact us by calling +353-1-814 8200 or email