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Delivery Formats

Choose when and how you want your learning

We offer a range of learning delivery formats to match your requirements, location and budget. We're happy to advise on how a series of courses can be combined and delivered over a period of time to provide a programme which meets your requirements.

Introduction video to our Learning Delivery Formats

Classroom - Public Training schedule and Private Company training

Our expert instructors and hands-on labs provide results-oriented, classroom training. We offer public dates at a wide variety of locations. Courses are run by experienced practitioners and many of them lead to external qualifications for delegates. If a public training schedule course is not available, we will work with you to provide a Private Company Training alternative, at a Global Knowledge office or at your location.

We also provide webinars, videos and focused classroom (instructor-led) workshops to complement and support our learning programmes.

Alternative Delivery Formats

We accept that skilled, motivated employees work more effectively, and thanks to the dawn of flexible and non classroom-based learning, there are more options than ever before. e-Learning has a role, particularly for a theoretical learner, but it is often required to be part of a blended or collaborative activity with access to mentors, learning resources and hands-on development whilst engaging media and social networking.

At Global Knowledge we offer a range of flexible delivery formats to help you choose when and how you want your learning.

At Global Knowledge, we offer a range of flexible Virtual delivery formats to help you choose when and how you want your learning:

»  V&C Select™ (Virtual learning & Classroom learning)

V&C Select™ is a simple concept and a flexible approach to delivery. You can 'select' a course from our robust public schedule and attend in person or as a virtual delegate - the choice is yours!

»  Class-Connect™ HD

Our Class-Connect™ HD is live, hands-on interactive learning where you can attend a course from different training centres. This premium experience uses HD quality audio and video that connects the classrooms over a high capacity managed network to ensure a 'real time' experience. The instructor will be presenting from one location and students attending from other centres are able to interact with the instructor and other delegates using video and voice conferencing.

»  Learning On-Demand

We offer interactive self-paced e-learning content that provides flexibility in terms of pace, place and time to suit individuals and organisations. These resources also consist of online books, educational podcasts and vodcasts, and video-based learning.

»  Community Learning Portals

Our community learning portal provides access to a range of learning resources including forums and blogs to deliver learning programmes whilst creating communities of practice and communities of learners. Knowledge is captured and shared across the organisation, making best practice (specific to the organisation) available and accessible.

»  Blended learning

Many organisations are seeking a blended approach to learning, one that provides flexibility and choice around instructor-led (classroom-based), e-learning or combinations that optimise your planned learning programme.

We’re happy to advise you on how a series of courses can be combined and delivered over a period of time to provide a learning programme that meets your business needs.

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