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Founded in 1995, Global Knowledge is the largest privately held provider of training, enterprise learning services and software solutions for information technology (IT) and management professionals. We offer a broad array of hands-on IT, project management and professional skills training featuring proprietary core and custom curriculum, as well as content from leading companies, including Cisco, Microsoft, Nortel, Oracle and Red Hat.

Global Knowledge Ireland has over 10 years experience in the provision end-to-end learning services and solutions that create a quantifiable path to improved performance and increased knowledge for enterprise customers around the globe.


Global Knowledge corporate headquarters is located in Cary, N.C and European headquarters is located in Wokingham, UK.


Global Knowledge employs more than 1200 people worldwide.

Company Locations

Our offices are located internationally in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, US and Venezuela.


IT & Business Training

We offer 700 courses in 13 languages, including vendor-specific training for Cisco, Nortel, Microsoft, Oracle and Red Hat technologies and certifications, as well as application and web development, operating systems, networking and wireless, security, telephony, project management and business skills training.

Through our Classroom Learning, On-Site Learning, Class Connect HDVirtual Classroom, and Self-Paced e-Learning, our customers choose when, where and how they want their training solutions delivered.

Enterprise Solutions

We provide comprehensive and custom solutions and services that support enterprise-wide learning initiatives including customer and channel education, employee education, proprietary and vendor-specific software migrations, new product launches, regulatory compliance initiatives and business application adoption.

Our solutions are supported by our proprietary SOLVETM methodology, used to guide the design of unique learning solutions within the context of our customers' business goals; and our Global Learning Platform, an end-to-end learning architecture that delivers synchronous and asynchronous training to thousands of people worldwide, everyday.